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TrueCar and Galves Accu-Trade have partnered to modernize the retail and wholesale marketplace through a next-generation valuation and vehicle acquisition platform. Built on speed, accuracy and transparency, the platform utilizes a user-focused, real-time, VIN-specifc valuation engine to help you maximize your retail and wholesale acquisition and disposal opportunities–all powered by 60+ years of Galves Market Data and wrapped in the trust of the TrueCar brand. So whether you are in the lanes or on the lot, we’ve got you covered.

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Increase capture rate through accuracy and transparency

Direct access to consumer inventory

Instant 17-digit data packed appraisals, backed by a check

Co-validation delivered with the trust of the TrueCar brand

With the power of the TrueCar Trade network you have the ability to sell units that are outside of your inventory profile. Keep what you want, sell what you don’t- with our 48-hour Remarketing Guarantee.

VIN specific options, mileage, condition and vehicle history adjustments instantly provide the most accurate valuation in the industry. 

17-Digit Accurate Values - Backed by a Check 

Increase Capture Rate with Real-Time, Transparent, 3rd Party Validation

Our easy-to-use interface allows you to generate valuations in seconds - in the lane, on the lot, or in the showroom. Appraisals anywhere, anytime, any device.

The TrueCar Trade Exchange

Intelligent Lead Routing, Optimized for Profit

Whether you’re in the lanes or on the lot, we’ve got you covered!

Direct access to consumer inventory, combined with intelligent lead routing, delivers the right vehicle at a favorable cost to market.

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